Give your business a face: window dummies of foam

You can picture them in a young girl's bedroom: the enlarged image of a pop singer or famous actor. Foam board window dummies can also be used for professional purposes. For example, as decoration during a festive event or in your shop window or on the shop floor.

Make sure that your company attracts attention and have the image of your company printed in actual size. With a window dummy made of foam board you are guaranteed to attract attention.

Window dummies made of foam board

A puppet made of foam will make a striking display in your shop window. Make it life-size to attract the attention of shoppers. If you want to go for a slightly less obtrusive effect - or if you have a small shop window - you can select a decoration of a slightly smaller size. You can literally dress the puppet using jewellery, fashion items, beautiful fabric or other materials. This way your window dummy turns into an advertisement for your product range.

A life-size gift made of foam

Of course, the use of a life-size puppet is not restricted to shopkeepers. It can also be a nice surprise during a birthday party or an anniversary celebration. Have the face of the birthday boy or girl or of business owner printed on the foam board puppet; a nice gift or original party decoration!

Ordering foam board

Would you like to buy life-sized foam boarding, but there is no specialist dealer in your area? You can also easily buy foam board online. You can order foam board in a specific size, colour and thickness cheaply on the web. Especially if you are looking for a very large size, it is best to order your foam board online. You do not need to visit many different shops to find the correct size and the foam panels are simply delivered to your home. Often, such large sizes do not fit in the boot of your car and carrying large panels on the back of your bicycle is not really an option.