Top 10 Applications of Foam Board

Foam board consists of a polystyrene plate with approx. 120 grams printable paper mounted on both sides. This material is cheap, stylish and versatile and it can serve different purposes, from professional presentations to stylish shop windows. 10 situations in which foam board is ideal!

1. Foam board for presentations

Are you planning a presentation or lecture or are you helping your children with a school project? If you want to grab the attention of your audience, stylish presentation materials will do half the job. Whether you are looking for blank foam board or you want to have texts and infographics printed on foam, foam board will help get your message across. Read more about presentations on foam board.

2. Mood boards on foam panels

A mood board is a panel that is used to express a particular feeling. Are you an editor or a designer, or are you planning to change the interior of your home? You can create a mood board on foam to easily determine the atmosphere you want the end result to have. Read more about foam mood boards.

3. Scale models and stands constructed of foam

Foam board is used worldwide for the construction of scale models and stands. The smooth panels with a core of polystyrene foam are very easy to use, extremely sturdy and can easily be cut to size, pasted and processed. The material is ideal for building a scale model or dressing up a stand at a conference, exhibition or market. Read more about foam board for constructing scale models and stands.
Foam board for your scale model or stand

Not only architects use foam board for creating scale models. Foam boards also offer many advantages for hobbyists and small businesses. Do you want to make a big impression at a trade fair or major conference? Foam board enables you to professionally communicate your message and at the same time dress up your stand.

4. Foam board for businesses and shop windows

Foam board is indispensable for every window dresser, shop or organisation. Are you the owner of a business or do you have a shop window you want to dress? Have your services and unique selling points printed on foam board and place it on the work floor or in the shop window. Are you looking for foam board of an extra sturdy quality, for example for outdoor use or a large window display? Kapa panels may be the solution. Read more about foam board for businesses and shop windows.

5. Creative with foam board

Foam board can be used to easily create great things with your children. You can make holes in them, apply staples, or cut and fold the material. Also, foam board is available in a variety of thicknesses and colours. You can, for example, create a unique memory board game made of foam. Read about great creative ideas with foam board.

6. Photos on foam

Many photographers, exhibitors or people who love beautiful photography on their walls have pictures mounted on photo panels made of foam board. Photos on foam board look distinguished and stylish. This effect is enhanced by the absence of a frame, glass panel or hook. Read more about photographs on foam board.

7. Rear walls made of foam plates

Foam board is a strong and durable material. It is therefore extremely suitable for use as rear wall for a shop window, as props in a theatre show, or as a back panel for a painting. Are you looking for foam board of an extra sturdy quality, for example for a large stand? Kapa panels may be the solution. Read more about rear walls made of foam plates.

8. Window dummies made of foam board

Many shopkeepers and exhibitors use advertising boards, displays or window dummies made of foam panels. Make sure that your company attracts attention and have the image of your company printed in actual size as a window dummy. Read more about window dummies made of foam board.
Give your business a face: window dummies of foam
You can picture them in a young girl's bedroom: the enlarged image of a pop singer or famous actor. Foam board window dummies can also be used for professional purposes. For example, as decoration during a festive event or in your shop window or on the shop floor.
Make sure that your company attracts attention and have the image of your company printed in actual size. With a window dummy made of foam board you are guaranteed to attract attention.

9. Foam panels for insulation

Foam panels made of hard foam are used in almost all phases of construction to ensure thermal resistance in floors, ceilings and walls. Application of hard foam panels in the outer wall of your house will improve insulation and will stop wind and draft from entering your home. Read more about foam panels as insulation material.
Nice and warm or cool: foam panels for insulation
Whether used in floors, ceilings or walls, the high thermal resistance of foam panels made of hard foam ensures good insulation. That means your home is kept warm or cool, without any effort. The result will show in your energy bills.
The heat of the fireplace or central heating is very comforting in winter. Good insulation will keep your home nice and warm. But proper insulation is not only important during the cold autumn or winter months. You will also benefit in summer, because good insulation will keep the heat out. Foam board panels will keep your bedroom cool in summer and your living room warm in winter. A perfect combination, don't you think?

10. Foam board for protection

Do you regularly ship packages? Of course your valuable and fragile products need proper protection. Have you considered using foam board? Ideal for transportation and protection of, for example, works of art. Read more about foam board as a protective packaging material.