Rear walls of foam board: Be creative!

A beautiful wall in the shop window or to protect a precious painting. Foam board has many properties that make this material excellently suited for back walls of any size. From small to big and striking, colourfully printed, or in a single colour: foam board is available in many variants. Holidays such as Easter, King’s Day or the start of summer are an excellent opportunity to change your window display. For example, by adding a special rear wall, using foam board.

Using foam board to attract attention

Keep the rear wall simple by using a single colour, in order to make your products and the window dressing stand out. The best known type of foam board is in classic black or white. Are you looking for something more vibrant? The material is available in many colours, such as Easter yellow, grass green or King's Day orange. Would you like to immediately capture the attention of shoppers? Have foam board printed with a special photo or graphic print. You can use a colourful nature image or a picture of a skyline (hello New York!). Also inspirational: a print with a large quote. Such a back wall will definitely generate curiosity with the public!

In the starring role: Props made of foam board

Not only retailers can use foam board in a creative way to create a back wall. Whether it concerns a picture of your child at school or a performance by a professional theatre group, the props often play one of the main roles. Foam boarding can be processed in a variety of ways, which opens endless possibilities for use on stage. For example, you can have a photo printed on foam board to set the location or the mood of the scene.

Creative with foam board

It is even more fun to decorate the stage props yourself. Foam boarding can be cut in any desired shape or glued together, painted with oil or acrylic paint or decorated with markers and pencils. You can stick pieces of fabric or coloured paper on the props to tailor them to your own taste and ideas. You can stick different shapes of self-adhesive foam board together to create a background in 3D. Props made of foam board are lightweight, which is a great benefit when you need to change the props frequently. Make sure the props do not fall over, by using a self-adhesive stand. Did you know that stands are available with a height of up to over one meter?

Foam board protects your painting

Foam board is also very suitable for use as a back panel for paintings. Paintings often slightly lean forward at the top, which causes dust and dirt to collect on the back. Protect the fragile canvas of your pictures by means of a back panel of acid-free foam board. This way you are certain that your precious painting does not get damaged.