Mood boards on foam panels

A mood board is a panel that is used to express a particular feeling. Are you an editor or a designer, or are you planning to change the interior of your home? You can create a mood board on foam to easily determine the atmosphere you want the end result to have.

What is a mood board?

A mood board is an example of the atmosphere you want to achieve. Using a mood board, you can easily create the atmosphere you want to aim for in your home, in your business space or with your product. Perhaps you are a professional in the field of design and interior decoration, or you hired a professional to do the presentation of your product or to decorate your home or your business? In that case you can of course explain what you have in mind, but doing so will be far easier with the help of images on a mood board! Mood boards are also very useful for professionals. To create a picture for yourself, or to show your plan to your customer. In short: a mood board as a guideline is the ideal starting point!

The benefits of foam

Foam board is a material that is frequently used for creating mood boards. Large enterprises as well as small businesses and professional window dressers use foam board, because of the versatility of the material: it can be used in many different ways. Foam panels are available in a variety of sizes and colours, they are ultralight but nevertheless very sturdy. Foam boarding can be cut in any desired format or glued together, painted with oil or acrylic paint or decorated with markers and pencils. You can stick pieces of fabric or coloured paper on the foam panels to tailor them to your own taste and ideas. Would you like to cut your foam board? You can easily cut the panel to size using a retractable blade or a professional foam board cutter.

Presenting your mood board on foam board

Would you like to present a mood board that you created? You can use a self-adhesive standard for presenting your mood board. Would you prefer to hang the foam board on a wall? A self-adhesive eye or loop attached to the back of the foam board allows stylish and neat wall mounting. No hook or frame is visible.