Foam board: indispensable for window dressers and shopkeepers

You can easily change you shop window by simply changing the rear panel. Whether you want an attractive decoration during the holiday season or want to promote a specific product on the shop floor or in the workplace, foam board is a sturdy material that is extremely versatile.

Large enterprises as well as small businesses and professional window dressers use foam board for decoration and as a promotional material. It is an easy and cheap way to draw attention to a memorable event, a particular product or an offer that is not to be missed.

Spectacular shop windows

The New York department store Macy's proves every year that special shop windows will draw attention (and extra customers). Their extravagant styling in Christmas atmosphere turns the shop windows into a veritable tourist attraction. Sometimes people are queueing up to see the displays in the windows! No effort is spared and each shop window tells its own story. In the Netherlands, the department store Bijenkorf has now adopted this December tradition. Foam board is an excellent material for attractively dressing windows, also for small shops.

Foam board in your shop

As a window dresser or shop owner, you can use one theme for the entire shop window, for example in the Christmas season or for the King's Day celebrations. You can have a picture or quote printed on a foam board or use it as a background. But you can also have your regular services and unique selling points printed on foam board, to draw the attention of shoppers throughout the year. You can use a small sign next to the cash register, or a big panel that stands out in the shop window.

Foam board for outdoor use

With all Hollywood film premieres and for almost every major promotional event photo walls are used on the red carpet. This makes sense, since various logos can be printed on a photo wall to immediately generate extra publicity for your brand. Are you looking for an extra sturdy type of foam board, for example for use outside or to cover a large area, such as a photo wall? Kapa panels may be the solution. You can have them printed with a spectacular photo, a special message (for example an inspiring quote) or logos in order to draw the attention of visitors and the public.