Foam board for your scale model or stand

Not only architects use foam board for creating scale models. Foam boards also offer many advantages for hobbyists and small businesses. Do you want to make a big impression at a trade fair or major conference? Foam board enables you to professionally communicate your message and at the same time dress up your stand.

Scale models made of foam board

Are you a project developer or a real estate dealer, or do you work for a construction company? Perhaps you enjoy making scale models of famous buildings or would you like to bring your dream home to life. Foam board is a material that is frequently used for constructing scale models. Foam board translates a 2D idea into 3D, paying special attention to the scale that best suits your design and the purpose of the scale model. Are you creating a model of your dream home in foam board? You can use coloured prints to add realistic details, such as roof tiles or a brick façade. Tip: use thick, sturdy paper for the prints (120 grams or more) to prevent the glue from making the paper crease.

Foam board as a material for constructing a stand

Are you going to participate in a trade fair and do you want to present your company and products in a professional way? Or are you making preparations for your company's anniversary celebrations, or are you preparing for an important meeting, or do you sell your own products on a market? Consider using foam board as a presentation and advertising material. Because of its versatility, foam board can be used in many different ways. For example for a 3D presentation, which you can easily create yourself by sticking multiple layers of self-adhesive foam board on top of each other. If you prefer to think big, consider using extra sturdy Kapa panels. Kapa panels are available in different types, they retain their shape, and are generally washable and moisture-repellent. This makes them ideal for much-frequented stands.

The benefits of foam board

Apart from the fact that foam board is available in a variety of sizes and colours, the material has many other benefits. Foam board is as light as a feather, making it easy to transport your scale models or the materials for your stand. Although lightweight, foam board is very sturdy. Are you using foam board for a presentation, for example as a mood board, or as a decorative element at a trade exhibition? You can use a self-adhesive standard for presenting your mood board. Would you like to cut your foam board? You can easily cut the panels to size using a retractable blade or a professional foam board cutter. Because pieces of foam board can be easily glued together, foam board can be used to create almost anything, from a tiny house to a large, three-dimensional model of your furniture design.