Foam board for presentations

Are you planning a presentation or lecture or are you helping your children with a school project? If you want to grab the attention of your audience, stylish presentation materials will do half the job. Whether you are looking for blank foam panels or you want to have texts and info graphics printed on foam, foam board will help get your message across.

Are you looking for a solid and lightweight background for your presentation? Foam board is a stylish presentation material that will support your message. Whether you are doing a presentation on the work floor for a group of your direct colleagues, or addressing a large room full of people from a stage, foam board ensures your presentation comes across as even more professional. The panels are available in many sizes and thicknesses. People in the rear of the room won't have to miss any part of your presentation.

A presentation on foam board? Choose from the following options:

Presentation on printed foam board

Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. Make your message stand out with full-colour printed foam panels. Would you like your foam board printed with an illustration, photo or something else? With beautiful photos, visuals or infographics you are guaranteed to grab the attention of your audience. Of course you can also choose to use only text printed on your foam board. Think for example of inspiring quotes to support your story.

Presentation on blank foam board

Unprinted foam panels can also offer a huge added value for your presentation. Unobtrusive foam boards in white or (light) grey will contribute to a professional look, without distracting from the text of your presentation. Of course you can also order foam boards in your company colour(s) or in the theme colours of the event where you are doing the presentation. You can then add any presentation texts and images you like.

Tip: Even for a less formal presentation foam board will help you gain admiration. When your children are presenting their school project in class, they will definitely feel more confident if they have a display for visual support.