Photos on foam: all focus is on the image

Sometimes you want a special photo to get all the attention, and a frame, hook or reflecting glass would only distract. The eyes should focus on the photograph! Having the photo printed on foam is the perfect solution. Of course, you can also mount the picture on the foam board yourself.

Do you have a hard disk full of holiday snaps that you never look at? It is such a shame to have all these beautiful photos sitting in an album or online folder, collecting dust. Are you a professional or hobby photographer, artist, exhibitor or simply a lover of beautiful photographs? In whatever manner you present your own work or the work of someone else, photos on foam board are a stylish way to show images. You can also use photographs on foam board on the walls in your home; for example a large picture above your settee, or you can use foam board as background for a beautiful collage.

Focus on photos

At an art exhibition you want the full focus to be on your work of art. You do not want any distractions from the image that was caught by your camera. Mounting your photograph on foam is the perfect solution! All you need is a glue gun and a beautiful, large print. Would you like to hang the foam board on a wall? By applying a self-adhesive eye or loop attached to the back, you can hang your foam board on a wall. The result will look stylish and neat. No hook or frame is visible.

Mounting foam board on a wall

You don't want a wire to be visible? Because foam board is very light, you can also use double-sided tape or self-adhesive foam board. You can use a self-adhesive stand or easel to stand the foam board upright, for example on a sideboard, in a shop window or on a desk. Also, photographs of any size are possible on foam board. The larger the print, the more impressive.

Foam board in your home interior

That beautiful sunset which takes you back to that wonderful holiday. A photo of your wedding day or of your children when they were small. Many special memories can be captured in photographs. It is great to give those valuable events a place in your interior. Create a collage of photos on a foam board or have a photo printed on foam. If you want to mount your printed photos on foam yourself, make sure to have the photos printed on heavy (photographic) paper. This prevents them from creasing when you use glue to mount them on the board. Buy a foam board with a stand so that you can place your collage on a table or sideboard. As a background, you can use white or black foam board, or any other colour. This way your photo collage will be in harmony with the interior.