Creative with foam board: great fun and affordable!

Foam board can be used to easily create great things with your children. You can make holes in them, apply staples, or cut and fold the material. Also, foam board is available in a variety of thicknesses and colours. You can, for example, create a unique memory board game made of foam. Read about great creative ideas with foam board.

Foam board offers infinite possibilities for your creativity. You can use your imagination and entertain your children in an affordable and fun way. Here are you some great ideas for your inspiration.

Memory board game or a jigsaw puzzle made of foam board

You can of course buy a memory board game or jigsaw puzzle in a shop, but it is much more fun to create your own unique version. Together with your children you can create a memory board game with the faces of family members and friends. Or what do you think of a jigsaw puzzle with a picture of your son's or daughter's favourite animal or cartoon character? You can create a great Minion- or Disney-themed jigsaw puzzle in no time at all. Foam boards can be cut in any desired shape or glued together, painted with oil or acrylic paint or decorated with markers and pencils. You can have images and pictures printed directly on the panels, but you can also cut blank plates to size and then stick pictures on them yourself.

Are you a creative parent? Impress people with foam board

Are your children preparing for a performance at school or at your local theatrical society? Do you qualify as a member of the creativity board? No worries! You can easily impress people with fantastic stage props made of foam board. First, have a picture of a forest printed on the panel. Then, cut out some of the trees and position them on the stage. You can do the same with a beach: have a picture of an exotic beach printed and use this as a backdrop. Then cut parasols out of blank foam board panels. It you really want to impress people, you can stick different shapes of self-adhesive foam board together to create a background in 3D. Success is guaranteed!

Decorations made of foam board

Christmas, Easter, Halloween or Valentine’s Day: Let your children decorate your home in a special theme using foam board. Foam board is a material that can easily be drawn on, painted and cut. Thus, it takes but little time to turn a sheet of foam board into the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus. Another fun idea: a Valentine garland of hearts to hang in the window. Are you getting bored with the Picasso on your wall and would you prefer a much more valuable artwork made by your son or daughter? Let your children create a special 3D painting by sticking different shapes of self-adhesive foam together. They will be very proud of their own artwork hanging on your wall. Have fun!