3M Spray Re-Mount spray glue Scotch 7273 400ml

Artikelnummer: RM400
3M ReMount™ is light bonding adhesive providing a temporary bond. Allows repeated repositioning without leaving residue. Ideal for general office use, lightweight paper, card, concept boards, fabric and more.

A specially formulated removable adhesive for

€24,95 ekskl. Moms

€30,19 inkl. Moms

3M Spray Mount spraylim Scotch 6065 400ml

Artikelnummer: MMM6065400
Flytbar, fjernbar, til collager, layout og illustrationsarbejde. Klar, UV-resistent, igen berøring, fint spraymønster, med reservedyse, CFC-fri.

€15,95 ekskl. Moms

€19,30 inkl. Moms

3M Display Mount spray glue Scotch 9477 400ml

Artikelnummer: MMM9477
Spray Adhesives for permanent connections with maximum bond strength and high yield. Cream. Should not get through.

€16,95 ekskl. Moms

€20,51 inkl. Moms

3M Spray Adhesives 3M Photo Mount

Artikelnummer: MMM6094
For permanent mounting of photos, drawings and posters. Placement corrections within 5 minutes are possible, by not proposing, adjustable spray pattern, CFC-free.

€17,95 ekskl. Moms

€21,72 inkl. Moms