Nice and warm or cool: foam panels for insulation

Whether used in floors, ceilings or walls, the high thermal resistance of foam panels made of hard foam ensures good insulation. That means your home is kept warm or cool, without any effort. The result will show in your energy bills.

The heat of the fireplace or central heating is very comforting in winter. Good insulation will keep your home nice and warm. But proper insulation is not only important during the cold autumn or winter months. You will also benefit in summer, because good insulation will keep the heat out. Foam board panels will keep your bedroom cool in summer and your living room warm in winter. A perfect combination, don't you think?

Foam panels in your home

Hard foam panels have a high thermal resistance, which means that the material does not conduct heat well. It is therefore no surprise that foam panels made of hard foam are used in almost all aspects of construction. For example, hard foam can be mounted on the outer wall of your home. Because of the extremely dense structure of the panels, the outside heat in summer cannot easily enter your home, and for the same reason warm air is kept inside your home in winter. Another benefit: Polyurethane foam is a durable and light-weight material.

Hard foam can be used to insulate anything

Foam panels are not only used for insulating homes. Large rooms where products are stored can also be insulated using hard foam panels. For example a warehouse where caravans are stored or a shed where you park your car or store you DIY materials. Would you like to apply hard foam in such a location? The foam panel can easily be glued to other materials, such as epoxy, polyester or polyurethane resin. If you are into DIY, you can easily do the work yourself. If you want to apply hard foam boarding in your home, it is perhaps best to seek the help of a professional.