Safe trip: foam board for protection

Do you frequently send parcels with fragile content? For example items you sold on the Internet? In order to ensure your parcel arrives safely, it is best to make sure that your valuable products are well protected. Have you considered using foam board? Cheap and effective!

Has it ever happened to you that you ordered something online and you received a damaged package? Chances are that you were an unhappy customer and contacted the supplier. Although vendors generally send their packages carefully wrapped, accidents are always possible. Parcels can shift in the truck or a box may fall.

If you need to ship parcels and want to make sure they arrive safely at their destination, foam board is ideal for (extra) protection of flat products or products in a box. The layer of white foam between two sheets of cardboard will absorb any blows during transport.

True art

Museum directors, art dealers and gallery owners are not the only people who ship works of art. Private collectors, artists and art lovers also benefit from careful shipment of paintings and old prints. Placing the works of art in between two foam boards to absorb any blows during transport will keep works of art from being damaged.

Foam in any shape

Do you want to ship an heirloom made of china, an antique or another precious item that does not have a flat shape? Foam board can also be used for this purpose. Such items can be shipped in a box that is padded on the inside with foam board - which may be stuck to the box using double-sided tape. Simply cut the foam board to size with a sharp knife. Foam board is also useful for sending food. It will protect glass jars or fresh food from being damaged.

Lightweight foam board

An additional advantage of using foam board for protection is that it is lightweight. It does not make your parcel much heavier, thus avoiding a major increase in shipping costs. And however large your parcel may be, foam boarding is available in many different sizes, from as large as A0 to as small as A4. The possibilities of foam board are unlimited!