The right thickness of foam board for every situation

Foam board is the ideal presentation partner. Yet there are many more applications! Foam board is often used to build models or stands, but you can also insulate your home using rigid foam. We would be happy to help you decide which thickness is most suitable for your particular purposes.

Foam board comes in many colours, thicknesses and sizes. It is therefore advisable to read up on which type best suits your purposes. The general rule is: the thicker the foam board, the more body and stiffness it has. But whichever thickness you choose, foam board is strong, stable and can be cut to any size and shape.

Suitable applications of 1 mm and 2 mm thick foam board

The big advantage of thin foam board is that it is easy to cut. You don’t need a Stanley knife to cut it to the desired size and shape. And you can easily make holes in it or staple it. This makes it the perfect handicraft material! Foam board of 1 or 2 mm thickness is also the best option for exhibitors or professional photographers to hang a photo (collage) on a wall. In this way, you can decorate your stand stylishly at an exhibition or trade fair. Making a professional scale model or would you like to give shape to your dream home using foam board? Then this variety is, once again, the most suitable. Foam board of this thickness is stable and glues together easily.

Suitable applications of 3 mm thick foam board

Foam board is a favourite basis for a presentation, lecture or your child’s classroom presentation. A 3 mm thick foam board offers you the ideal budget option: it can be used for the same applications as a 5 mm thick foam board, but the panels are a little cheaper. Understandably, they are less rigid and, therefore, easier to cut. Do you work in an editorial department, as an interior stylist or designer, or would you like to redesign the interior of your own home? Then this thickness is the perfect basis for a mood board. Retailers use this type of foam board to create attractive displays. These can easily be placed in a window or next to the cash register, using an easel or a self-adhesive stand.

Suitable applications of 5 mm thick foam board

By far the most popular variety! A 5 mm thick foam board is the standard thickness used for presentations and for direct printing. Uses might include the printing of a special photo, infographics or a map, for example. A tip for window dressers, retailers and businesses: have a historical photo or an inspirational quote printed on a foam board of this thickness. The foam board can then serve as the background to a window display or as decoration for a room. The mainstays of this variety are the A3-size (42 by 29.7 cm) white foam boards. Many companies use these for presentations, because graphics and tables are clearly visible in this format. Looking to make a bigger bang? You can: a 5 mm thick foam board can be used up to a size of 100 by 140 cm. This format works well with a self-adhesive stand. For larger surface areas, it is advisable to choose the 10 mm thick variety, which offers greater rigidity.

Suitable applications of 10 mm thick foam board

The bigger the surface area, the thicker the foam board must be. For sizes of 100 by 140 cm upwards, you should choose 10 mm thick foam board, for which the maximum surface area is 140 by 300 cm. The 10 mm thick foam board has more body, due to its greater rigidity. It bends much less easily and is, therefore, ideal for use as a background for an exhibition stand, theatre performance or photo shoot. Do you regularly send packages by mail? Thick foam board is also the ideal protection for a valuable work of art, for example. Interior design enthusiasts can blow up a spectacular holiday or nature photo on a large foam board: an eye catcher in your living room or bedroom. Are you looking for a foam board that you can use outside, for advertising purposes or as a photo wall, for example? In that case, extra-strong KAPA panels are the answer. This variety retains its shape very well and is often washable and moisture-resistant.